Next gig,destination: Tilburg -NL-

We are ready to set sail towards the North Sea for our next concert.

We’ll play Saturday, April 16th at the Little Devil in Tilburg.

Little Devil it’s a very cool pub in the town of the great Roadburn Festival.

We’ll play after Roadburn shows and a special friend will join us for a special jam….

…who is this friend? ?? …we’ll let you know soon.

We wait you there…

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New review…

…of our first EP on Chybucca Sounds

You can find another reviews here.

Check it out!!

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The Psychedelic Journey…


Hello to everyone

Some years ago in a unknown beach we’ve found a ship’s log of a man called Captain Trips.
His adventures inspired us a lot than we decided to make some jams together totally dedicated to the legend of this man, and finally a band  was born:

“Da Captain Trips”

Da Captain Trips is a project to allow people to know the adventures of this amazing man lived in the 18th century.
The Captain spent his life in search of the legendary big manatee sailing around thousands worlds.

Normal people knows only this world but there are other worlds…believe us. We will help you to discover how to know these worlds and maybe to find out a part of yourself always ignored by you.

After a long search we found all the maps left by the Captain …

…the psychedelic journey has already begun.

…follow us…



“Sargassian Way to the Infinite Blue”

from first EP (2010)


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